This guide will walk you through the process of uninstalling and then installing Examplifiy. This process will need to be followed when users need to update Examplify on Windows computers. Mac users that need to update do not need to uninstall and can jump to the bottom of the article for directions to install the updated version.

How to Uninstall Examplifiy

1. Click Windows Start and open Settings.

2. Click Apps 

3. Search for Examplify. Click on Examplify then click Uninstall then click Uninstall again.

4. Click Yes.

5. Click Finish. once done, you have successfully uninstalled examplify.  

How to Install Examplify

1. Click this link: 

2. After opening the link choose the OS you have.

3. Follow the on screen instructions for the OS you have. Once finished reboot your computer.