These troubleshooting steps are designed to help with the use of the MyLab Math products found in some MAT courses.  If you are unable to access the materials please try the steps below which will guide you through the process.  If these steps do not resolve the issue, Pearson's troubleshooting steps will direct you to chat or phone support if needed. 

Step 1: Access Course with MyLab Math and perform Browser Check

Select MyLab Math Browser Check and proceed through the steps to identify if there is an issue with your current browser that is preventing you from proceeding to the MyLab Math.

Step 2: Access the help menu through your course

  • Navigate to MyLab Math Course Home and Select Help
  • Select your MyLab Math Course Home
  • Locate the Help Question Mark on the top right of the screen and click it, then select Help

  • The Student help menu will appear where you can search for your problem or scroll down to the bottom of that window to Pearson Support
  • From Pearson Support you can select Students and it will give you a list of the most common issues experienced and take you through steps to solve them. 

Step 3: Further Help Required

  • If these steps are unable to resolve the issue, it will direct you to the contact support site where you will be able to chat or call someone to help you further.