If you are having trouble logging in with your previous @ameritech.edu username then please try changing it to @my.joyce.edu.
Example: jane.doe@my.joyce.edu 

Below is a copy of the communication about this change. 

Dear Students,

During the next break between semesters, your email address will be updated to reflect our new Joyce University name! We will be making this change on Wednesday, April 27th.

What will my new email address be? Your new email address will be in this format: first_name.last_name@my.joyce.edu

In the uncommon event that there are two students with the exact same first and last name, we will add a ‘2’ at the end of one of the addresses.

What about my OLD email address?

Emails that are sent to your @ameritech.edu email address will forward to your my.joycye.edu email address until July 31, 2022. We will send out an update before the old email address stops working

Will my login change?

Logins that use your email address as the username will change to reflect your new @my.joyce.edu email address. Your login will automatically change to your new email address, and you will have to re-save this new login for applications like Canvas. This change will happen when you receive your new email address after the current academic term is concluded.

We will send an announcement when your email change is complete. We recommend that you test logins prior to classes starting on May 9.

Here are the systems that will use your new email address:

Please note that your password will NOT change!

Also note that you will now sign in to Zoom with your new @my.joyce.edu email account. If you are prompted to enter the Company Domain, please use joyce-edu (see below). 

The Wi-Fi name on campus is changing to Joyce-Students. You will need to reconnect and check the box to continue.

If you have questions or need technical support, please submit a support request to https://help.joyce.edu.